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The 10 Busiest Seats in Town. The best burgers in Sacramento for over 70 years. "You don't need teeth to eat our meat"


Our Story

The Beginning

Jim-Denny's was founded in 1934 by Jim Van Nort. The original location was 16th and J Streets, close by the then new Memorial Auditorium. The present location on 12th Street was opened after Jim got home from serving during World War II. During the post war years Jim-Denny's was open around the clock. The bus depot was located next door and the place was jumping! Soon Jim-Denny's became known as the home of the 10 busiest seats in Sacramento.

Since 1934 there have been many changes to the city of Sacramento but there's one thing that hasn't changed in over 70+ years; the quality of the food at Jim-Denny's. Some patrons say the burgers taste great because the finest quality beef is used. But, the regular customers know the secret is not just the fresh ingredients. After all, any restaurant can use high quality ingredients. The secret to these burgers is cooking the best beef money can buy on the famous Jim-Denny's grill. For over 70 years the wonderful flavor of the grilled hamburgers has been mellowing and seasoning the grill in the corner window making it the secret flavor ingredient no other restaurant can duplicate.

To Be Continued...


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816 12th Street (between H & I), Sacramento, CA 95814, PH: (916) 443-9655, info@jim-dennys.com

Everyday 7am to 3pm,


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Established 1934 - Sacramento, CA

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